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"I would never let a
dog sleep in my bed..."



This was proceeded by "I would never have a dog in my house…" Coming from an extremely OCD person, boy, did I have no idea what my future would hold! It all changed when I met a little scruffy, golden-colored puppy with HUGE ears that was named "Ruby". My goodness, she was such a chunk! She was found out in the woods in Boxley Valley, Arkansas. She was SUPPOSED to be a squirrel hunting dog... supposed to live a life outside, never knowing the comforts of a soft bed.  BUT once I fell in love, I fell HARD. I've been told there is just that ONE dog...that ONE dog that will grab your heart and won't let go...and for me, that is my Ruby-girl. She is the smartest, most loving, devoted, and loyal dog I've ever known. She is MY best buddy, my defender, and protector, and has changed my life for the better. Does she sleep with me? Of course! Share my pillow? 100%! My life has forever been changed by the love of a dog, and my eyes have been opened to the absolute unconditional love of a dog. Once that door was opened, I wanted to, no I felt compelled to find a way to help other dogs. I first started volunteering at a shelter in southeast Arkansas. I helped with transports, fundraising, grant writing, donations, on-site work, etc. I felt happiest and most complete when I was doing something to help the shelter dogs. Almost two years later, HERE WE ARE. My life has been blessed in many ways, and though it definitely has not turned out the way I thought it would, it is pretty darn good. After volunteering and following other amazing rescues/shelters, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to open a shelter that would rescue and care for those dogs who wait the longest to be adopted-the seniors, bully breeds, and the disabled. My dream is to see the dogs in a homelike setting with a yard to play in and to have them become accustomed to and comfortable being around people and living within a schedule (much like the environment and home they will one day go to). This type of shelter would make them more adoptable and aid in their transition into a foster or permanent home. There are other shelters like this, and I have watched and admired them over the years. Hard work? Yes. Tough times ahead? Most definitely. But it is time to do something. So here we girl Ruby, my family, my friends. Thank you, my precious Ruby, for opening my heart. I will be forever indebted to you.   


We are currently foster-based....Future Home: The Dog Howse is home to our adoptable dogs. It is a large living area/room with couches, chairs and dog beds, resembling the home that our dogs will be adopted into. It is our hope that by living in a homelike environment, it will make the transition to a foster or permanent placment easier on the dog. Dogs learn to use a doggy door and get used to a regular schedule in a peaceful, loving environment.                                                                     

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