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There are many reasons why you should choose adopting over buying a dog. However, in our opinion, the most important reason is that you will be saving a life. In fact, you will be saving more than one life because by adopting you will be making room for us to bring another dog into the Dog Howse.                                                    

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Hope was rescued by the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena/W. Helena, Arkansas, in September 2020. She was found underneath a bridge, close to a water source, and from the looks of it, water was all she’d been consuming for a while. Poor Hope could not walk, and came in with some bad puncture wounds and open sores. One hind leg was completely unusable to her, and the other she essentially used as a kick stand. She couldn’t get up by herself, couldn’t do much of anything. One leg was dislocated. She was just 32 lbs. It was assumed she was hit by a car, but we think she was treated poorly well before that (old untreated injuries). It breaks our hearts to think she was huddled under that bridge for some time. Hungry, scared, in the rain, and in the blazing heat, Hope somehow survived. She spent almost a month at the Vet before she went to the Humane Society of the Delta and then on to Ruby's Rescue & Refuge, where her healing and rehabilitation began. Hope was HW postive and needed to be spayed (among other medical attention). 

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