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Our mission is to help rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for homeless dogs that are considered challenging to find homes for based on age, breed or hardship. All of the dogs in the care of Ruby's Rescue & Refuge live in a home-like setting, where they are free to "roam" and let themselves in & out through a doggy door. By allowing them to learn how to be comfortable in a home setting, it is our hope that their transition into a forever home will be easier. We want to set our dogs up for success by showing them what it is like to be a part of a household and family. Ruby's Rescue and Refuge is a no-kill, 501c3 dog rescue and shelter.                                                                 



"We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces.                    
It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, pain, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within." 

We are the hope for the hopeless.

We are Rescue.            
Psalm 82:4            
Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.    

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